weighted blankets

Weighted blanket treats anxiety and insomnia

Are you a person who is suffering from insomnia and anxiety?  are you able to not get sleep throughout the night? Then here is a solution for all these conditions. if you have anxiety or insomnia, the weighted blanket will be helping you to relieve the stress or worry and give the power to sleep well. The weighted blankets these days have become popular because they are giving so much relief for these conditions and there are good reviews that they actually do the work and they soon became the trendy product with the Wellness claims. A lot of research has been done for this weighted blankets which help in relieving the sleeplessness or insomnia and experts have studied about this weighted blankets and have come to the conclusion that the actually worked for the people who are suffering from the anxiety and various other disorders.

What is the blanket made up of?

weighted blankets

Weighted Blankets are the ones which will be heavy and not like other blankets and only difference is that they are filled with the pellets either of Glass and is the plastic ones and they will be helping in distributing approximately and evenly all over the body of the wearer while they are sleeping or relaxing the bed.

The weight of the blanket is made according to the preference of the user and there is no standardized recommendation the professionals only advise using about the weight of the blanket should be about ten percent of the weight of the person. Blankets act as a therapeutic tool for people who are having the conditions like anxiety, Insomnia and also in some cases of high-stress levels and adaptation in the people and this also helps in treating the people who are suffering from injuries or disabilities.

Comfort and warmth

Some studies have shown that these weighted blankets help in strengthening the skills for daily life. Blankets give you cosy and comfortable when you are cuddling into it or wrapping around it and give good sleep. There are various types available and the most two common types of the blankets are light weighted and the weighted ones. A weighted blanket will be giving you a nice hug and help you soothing the anxiety as this is distributing the weight overall with the materials which are breathable and Keeping It From overheating and finally it helps to fall asleep quickly.


You can get this weighted blanket online and offline and many E-Commerce sources are available over the internet to buy this blanket and you can read the reviews before you are going to buy the blanket. most of the weighted blankets are made up of polyester they have layers of the polyester with the inner which is made up of the lead-free glass beads the other two layers with the fabric to prevent the leakage. The blanket comes in many sizes and you can also customize the size according to your preference and the weight of the blanket also depends upon the age of the person.

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