escape room sg

Thriller game escape room

An English movie called escape room sg . It was a thriller and science fi movie. A family of 4 members is suddenly getting stuck in the game. They don’t understand what is exactly happens. The room is full of games and puzzles.

escape room sg

When the family completed all the games this the rooms get open the door, thus the escape room gets unlock. This is the story of the movie.

The family:

The family of husband, and his wife, and the two children one boy and the one girl. They go on a business tour to America. That there they take a lodge to stay for a night. The meeting was in the morning so they decided to take a room to take rest at night. They don’t know that the room was the escape room but they stuck. Once they closed their door it doesn’t open back. They shout and call the reception there is no response from there. They don’t understand what is exactly happens. The room changed to the game and it contains lots of puzzles. They are not easy it is very difficult. They are very tired of travelling. But they have no other way. So they decided to play games.

They have 3 levels:

One level is the chess game. Her daughter is the queen of chess. Bu the game was not so easy it is very difficult then she played before. So she fights with the all-clear aspect and won the first level successfully.

The second level was the puzzles. Puzzles are not easy it is very difficult and it also gave some mathematical and scientific puzzles are there. The wife is the teacher in the college .she also a master’s degree holder. She solved the science puzzle but the mathematical puz6are very difficult. She took an hour to solve this finally she solved that one and finish the second level successfully. After finishing the second level there is some relaxation. But the third level is not so easy it needs an easy it needs hard work and smart work to complete it.

The third level was solved by the father and the son. Both of them played the third level. Time just has 2 hours to complete the task. After 12 the game was not open. The game locked and they never get open they stuck full in themselves. Till their lifetime. So it is an important level to escape from the room. So they started the game is to save the other 2 in a pandemic situation. Fish is the life or death game. So they work harder and also work smarter to complete it. After completing the game the door gets open. The father was very proud of the family her wife, her daughter, and her son. It was a very thrilling experience that they get this before. So they checked out the room in the morning. They have only a little time to take rest and it is okay for them. After the meeting, they go to their native with the flight. This is the story of the escape room. This is an amazing movie many of the people in the world are liked the movie.

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