Online shopping is changing

The way of modern people shopping in today’s world

Nowadays people are be liked to do shopping via online the world turns to the Online shopping is changing everything they all don’t know they see only the convenience and other factors are be not determined by the new ages of the people due the online of all the things we have to destroy the many people and the small labour and the dependent on their shops for the food are be getting the heavy losses there might be heavy damage to the small shops their economy of the lifestyle gets very down the only the online shopping factors is the reason for all those things.

Online shopping is changing

The old method of shopping 

On the olden days, the parents don’t offer new clothes in all the time if there is any festival comes or any marriage gets to happen in the house, so they get the people to the dress shops for the shopping, so they don’t buy a free for all the time on that day they only selected the dress, and some kids are being chosen by their own. They only the buy the material clothes after the purchase clothes they give the raw cloths to the known tailor for sticking on that day all the houses have a sewing machine and the ladies should compulsorily see the stitching. They itself make their small needs, so they don’t often go to the tailor, and if there is an important festival or the function, so they give the clothes to the tailor for the perfect shirt and pants.

So the shopping on olden days are be done so long, so they visited the more ships directly to get the final one, so they all have the different tastes, so they all be purchased on their preference on that time if they buy the dress means they are being kept for the more and more years properly and but nowadays they don’t keep their dresses properly if there Is small damage occurs to the cloth they don’t like to wear it. These young girls don’t know how to do stitching in the clothes and they all to give in the shops for the stitching purposes, so their olden days are be golden days for all ones.

The effects of online shopping 

In online shopping, there is a big fraud are be happening in that we don’t know how it happens. Still, it is the truth for the example if Peter England is a famous brand, it has shown all the cities their brand clothes are also available in the online market. Still, there are many fake people made the dresses on using the famous brand if the fake product is also available in the offline market. Yet, while purchasing by seeing raw eyes, we can easily identify it. By the online purpose, we can’t find that thing in the online, so by the things both of them have the positive and also the negative based on discussion the offline shopping is best in all the time, so we have to use the online shopping in the correct way it has also have the many benefits.

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