Reef at King's Dock

The Reef At King’s Dock Preview Launching before long at Harbourfront

The Reef at King’s Dock offers homebuyers the possibility to have a Harbourfront property at an awfully cheap worth. once the event is completed there’ll be 429 units offered. Details regarding the size of every unit have nonetheless to be free, however, it’s expected there’ll be condos with a varied range of bedrooms to accommodate families of all sizes. All of the properties can have a landed estate of ninety-nine years from the date that they’re completed. Reef at King’s Dock has a great view.

Reef at King's Dock

The Reef Harbourfront Avenue is additionally on the brink of Mount Faber Park. this is often a nature reserve that conjointly features a heap of facilities for effort. it’s an awfully in style place for cyclists and joggers. The walk to the highest of the park is additionally definitely worth the effort attributable to the views you’ll get of the Harbourfront and also the ocean. There square measure some special icon opportunities that you just can get from now of the park. you’re conjointly able to take a scenic car ride from the park to Sentosa and back.

Two of the simplest celebrated malls and looking centers within the space square measure Vivocity and also the Harbourfront Centre. each of those square measure set but ten minutes far from the Reef at King’s Dock. Vivocity is one amongst the latest looking malls in Singapore, and it’s conjointly one amongst the most important. Their square measure several retail and fashion retailers, however, it conjointly has options that you just won’t realize in alternative malls. This includes AN amphitheater on the roof of the building and this has been wont to host international events and food festivals within the past. The mall will be accessed on foot from Reef at King’s Dock, however, there’s conjointly ample automobile parking space if you favor driving.

There are heaps of improvement happening within the larger Southern city district space that is found ahead of the Reef at King’s Dock. once this improvement is completed, then there’ll be even a lot of amenities for residents to get pleasure from. Transport links to the world also will be even higher than they’re at the instant. Despite the improvement that’s taking play you’ll still have AN unimpeded read that stretches all the thanks to Sentosa. it’s expected that it’ll take between 5 and 10 years for the complete improvement to require place.

The Reef at King’s Dock Mapletree Trust may be an in style selection for families attributable to the standard of the faculties that square measure near. several of those colleges square measure within the Harbourfront and Keppel Bay square measures and then are at intervals within walking distance. this may save oldsters and youngsters heaps of your time within the morning and no-one needs to worry a few long commutes to high school. colleges within the space serve youngsters of all ages, from pre-school to the time they’re able to leave education.

The location of The Reef at King’s Dock in District four means you’ve got all the advantages of living in a very town, however in a very location that’s quiet and peaceful. All the amenities that you just can like square measure at intervals a ten-minute walk of the condos. the event is additionally on the brink of a decent network of transport links. The Vivocity MRT station serves each the Circle and also the North-East lines. the event is on the brink of the Central downtown and also the woodlet-looking space and then it’s the proper location for each work and leisure.

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