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The Best of Furnace Repairs within Budget

Like all consumers, you value your purchasing power and you do your best to be independent in the face of boiler problems, with the aim of protecting yourself from additional expenditure. However, keep in mind that a good regular maintenance, carried out by a professional, generally allows you to avoid all these small daily problems and especially to protect yourself from the bigger ones, those which would cost you a lot of money. For the furnace repairs this is essential.

In short, we recommend that you do not neglect the establishment of a maintenance contract with a professional heating engineer, who will come and check that everything is working properly. If it is mandatory to carry out an annual visit, nothing prevents you from asking for a little more, especially for older installations which deserve increased surveillance.

You know it at your expense, no device is foolproof and taking a cold shower in the middle of winter is a most unpleasant experience. So to optimize the operation of your natural gas boiler and extend its service life, it is better to maintain it and carry out some repairs on a regular basis. Here are some tips to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The main failures of a natural gas boiler

A natural gas boiler is built from a hot water circuit, a natural gas delivery system and an electrical system. Your breakdown will necessarily relate to one of these circuits or several. Here are the main failures that you may face:

  • An electrical overvoltage: your electric meter jumps unexpectedly? Its power is probably insufficient to allow your boiler to operate normally. Contact the national electricity network manager or your electricity supplier to review its sizing,
  • Breakdowns caused by pressure and temperature: damaged sensors, defective thermometers, etc.
  • Corrosion or obstruction of the water and gas supply pipes,
  • Sealing problems: ignition valve, boiler seals, etc.

What you can check for yourself

Is your natural gas boiler showing signs of fatigue? Before calling on a certified heating engineer or considering replacing it, you can make a brief inventory of your appliance and who knows solve the problem yourself:

  • Check that the boiler socket is correctly connected to a mains socket and that the water and gas supply is correctly carried out,
  • Check the correct start-up of your gas boiler. If you have just moved in, remember to consult the instructions for use that the former tenant or owner had to provide you with,
  • Check that the pressure of the manometer is between 1 and 2 bars,
  • Examine the various radiators connected to your central appliance and, if necessary, purge them.

Call a professional to repair your boiler

If you have no legal obligation to entrust the repair of your boiler to a professional, you will probably be faced with the complexity of this type of device and the difficulty in finding spare parts will push you to contact a heating engineer. Only a certified craftsman has the necessary expertise with the right equipment to give your gas boiler a second wind. But be aware that the best way to avoid repair costs is to prevent breakdowns.

furnace repairs

Mandatory annual maintenance

Legislation requires annual maintenance of gas boilers with a power between 4 and 400 kilowatts. This must necessarily be carried out by a recognized environmental guarantor professional. In addition to ensuring the proper functioning of your device, a regular visit by an expert considerably reduces the risks of poisoning with carbon monoxide which, each year, is the cause of fatal accidents.

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