Empire Carpet

The Best Carpet and the Best Installation

Before you choose a carpet in your house, you need to consider a large number of factors. After all, with its help, you cannot only transform the interior design, filling it with comfort and special luxury but also keep the heat indoors, as well as soundproof it. Carpets are made from both natural and synthetic materials. They are classified according to density and production method, pile structure, density, and style. Therefore, among such a variety, before choosing a carpet, it is necessary to become familiar with the main criteria that should be paid attention to in order for the product to be durable and comfortable to use. The Empire Carpet is the best of the lot.

What is a carpet

Carpet is a dense woven product with finished edges that has finished design and pattern, as well as a fixed size and shape. They can cover not only the floors but also the walls, as well as other surfaces in the house. For more than two thousand years, carpet is a symbol of prosperity, a unique luxury item; now it is the first family centers of carpet making were created as early as the 5th century BC in Pakistan. Until now, in countries such as India, China, and Iran, the ancient traditions of making carpets are carefully preserved, they are passed on from generation to generation and are kept under great secret, these are true works of art.

Empire Carpet

The Dust Collectors

Carpets are often called dust collectors, but this is not entirely true. Dust is collected always and everywhere – and on a bare floor or on a covered one, and any floor covering needs to be cleaned – one with a damp cloth, the second with a vacuum cleaner. Just on the product dust is visible only when it is knocked out Classification of carpets on the composition of the pile and the basics Natural materials Carpets consist of a solid base and a visible part – pile.

  • For products from the natural pile, also use natural materials, cotton, jute, felt (felted wool), and silk. Advantages of such materials are that they are well breathable and moisture. The main drawback of products made from such materials is sensitivity to chemical cleaners. Silk is a very thin, but at the same time strong thread, obtained from the silkworm cocoon. It has a specific cluster and very beautiful shimmers in products. Silk carpets are made using a special technique, with a very high density of interlacing threads are 2 million knots per 1 square meter.

Due to this, the products are thin, soft, and colorful. Besides, they are resistant to firing, do not electrify, resistant to shrinkage and abrasion. Silk and handmade carpets should not be bought in the hallway, office and other rooms with intensive use is there, and it is better to lay simple synthetic carpets, machine-made It is necessary to choose a silk carpet in the same light in which it is planned to be placed, because the color of the product can vary significantly from the level of its intensity. Wool is an exceptionally soft material derived from the wool of sheep, sometimes from the hair of camels, llamas, Angora goats

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