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The Art of Soccer and Your Interest in It

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Football is the most important sports discipline on the third planet from the sun. This is a fact which we will try to prove below in 12 simple points. We have long wondered whether to write the best, the most popular, the most comprehensive, football or simply the biggest sport. It remained the largest, straight, though a bit vague. Well, but to the point:

  1. Football is a global sport

In the deserted Polish village, on the African threshing floor in the desert sun, on the 75-thousandth Manchester United stadium or on the modern stadiums the gala has the same principles. Okay, sometimes there are no line judges, sometimes there is no scoreboard, football sometimes lines are crookedly painted, sometimes they are not there in general, heated turf and spotlights are luxuries – but it is the same global sport.

It is not a global sport volleyball, because this is liked in a few countries, it is not tennis, boxing or American football because this is # 1 but only in the States.

  1. Football is the most popular

He is a religion. He has the most fans around the world. Football teams have the most clubs. It arouses the most emotions, including negative ones. It attracts attention, which is why for safety Israel plays in qualifying in Europe because matches with Iran, Palestine or other Arabians would end up in fights of fans and street riots. From sports, newspapers, Internet portals and the Internet – football takes up the most space in the world.

  1. Football is comprehensive

It requires general development fitness, but its beauty is also that nobody is deleted. In basketball, you have to be tall, in rugby strong, in tennis, in the leg you need everything for a bit, but if you miss something, you can mask it with something else. How high is the goalkeeper? How is a defensive defender? How low is the bench? How old is this pension? Bullshit. The world knows many low bouncers, many defenders who are smaller than the bus station; there are many small players who turn into the great soil, there are a few old athletes who are still in top form.

This is the comprehensiveness of football. Even if someone does not have an innate talent, but is training hard for years, he is healthy, intelligent and plays to the end on the whole – he reaches the level at least average.

  1. Football richly

The largest transfers from around the world and remuneration are in football. Locally soccer ( as it is called a saw in the US or Australia) sometimes loses with American football, baseball or basketball, but only locally and not always. On a global scale, players earn the most on average, and football transfers are most often followed.

In the world sport it is the best money machine – talk about sponsorship contracts, television rights. The Football World Cup is the largest event of our planet next to the Olympics; the European Football Championship is in third place in the world. The Champions League means that in the same games they play absolutely the largest European (and therefore world) football clubs. And there is her poorer younger sister – the European League.

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