stairlifts bristol

Stair-lifts Bristol: a Bonanza to elderly and disabled people

Every decorated house has stairs. Stairs play an important role in the house. However, for elderly and handicapped or temporally disable people stairs are difficult to navigate. Attempting to try on their own, can be very dangerous to them. Due to a lack of strength and mobility, they face many problems.

As a result, they have to shift to the first floor or have to choose a single stored house. Fortunately, stairlifts bristol are there to solve these problems.  Its mechanical device used by a person with disabilities or the elderly to lift them on different floors. It mainly implanted in sufficiently wider stairs. A rail has attached to the treads of the staircase and a chair has been mounting on the rail.

stairlifts bristol

There are many advantages to installing stair-lifts. These are

  1. The most common benefits of installing stair-lifts are safe at home. Staircases are the most common place for accidents. Not only it affects elderly people, but it also affects other people in the house. Missing one-step while going up or down can cause severe accidents that result in broken legs, hip joints, or any other major injuries.

Many seniors use the staircase for their daily exercise as it tightens their muscles and helps in joint mobility. However, it becomes sometimes perilous if sudden misbalance in the body occurs. The local gym has many such facilities for a senior citizen like treadmills or riding on stationary bikes.

  1. Stair-lifts are very easy to use. The elderly people have to just sit and put on the seat belt. There is a rocker switch, which rests on the armrest. Press and hold the switch and you will be able to go up and down the stairs. Release the button to stop the chair. This chair comes with two keyed remotes. This is very useful when two or more people are using the lift. Suppose a man is on the top floor and the chair is on the ground floor, push the “up” arrow button on the remote to send the lift to the top floor.
  2. A comfortable and smooth ride is the next prominent advantage of the stair-lift. Some chairs of stair-lift are come with soft cushions at the back, seat, and armrest to ensure cosines on every ride.
  3. Often elderly people in the house cannot go to base or upstairs because of the stairs. They always need a friend or family member for help. They lost their independence in the house. With the invention of stair-lifts, it solves this problem also. Just install a stair-lift and be independent. Move freely and easily to the basement or upper level of the house.

Though there are many advantages of stair-lifts, it also comes with many disadvantages.

  1. It is very expensive.
  2. It needs a lot of electricity to run. You may see a rise in the electricity bill in the month’s end from your electricity department.
  3. It sometimes damages your staircases
  4. If the parts of the railing breakdown, it’s very difficult to find the parts
  5. Sometimes railing of the staircase may be removed for installing stair-lifts.

To conclude, stair-lift can be very expensive but also a lifesaver. You can install a stair-lift at your home rather than shifting to a nursing home.

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