Pest Control Colchester

Methods of household pest control

Pest Control Colchester is a process of management of unwanted species in a particular area to curb the proliferation of that species including insects and rodents. This is done mainly to the insects and rodents causing us harm, disturb our work, or create a nuisance for us. This method is used for decades, the only difference is that the methods have evolved to be more efficient and faster.

Methods involved in household pest control –

  • Physical pest control – This method is prevalent from ancient times where all insects and rodents were trapped by physical methods. People set traps, baits, and pheromones to trap different sorts of animals. They also used fire guns which were only harmful up to 15-20 yard distance. These methods have evolved to use synthetic chemicals, ultraviolet light to attract insects, sticky bases with electrical grids to kill the insect. Many devices have been invented which keep a track of insects like beetles in the building.
  • Poisoned bait – This is a widespread practice used especially for rodents and creepy crawly insects. A food bait that is poisoned is kept purposefully which is eaten by rodents. Continued use of the same poison may mutate the genes of pests and they eventually become resistant to the poison. This leads us to find another poison for them.
  • Fumigation – In this process, the target building is completely sealed and evacuated, and fog is created with the help of liquid insecticide. This is useful in killing every stage of insect hidden even the slightest crevice due to the feasibility of fog to reach the vulnerable areas. But for this method, the area to be treated cannot be used for 24-72 hours.
  • Sterilization – a large population of pests can be ended by the sterilization method. This can be either done by liquid pesticides or X-rays or UV rays. This is used for insects that do not disperse instantly.
  • Insulation– Boron can be input into walls with the help of a paper cellulose sheet. This will end up the growth of self-growing pests like ants, termites, cockroaches, etc. In addition to the property of mechanical kill, it also acts as a noise-cancelling sheet and supplies thermal insulation. This is to be done by licensed companies in proper control and monitor

There are many other methods that reuse according to the type of insect creating a disturbance. Pest control has become important as the insects and rodents roaming around in the house become the reason for severe disease and sometimes cause plague. They also roam around the food and make it unfit for us to eat. But less are the times when we get to know if any insects roamed around the food or not and we eat it causing food poisoning and other severities.

Other than household and commercial areas, pest control is also needed in agriculture. The use of pest control in farms helps the crop to be safe from pests and insects and some weeds. This increases crop production and makes it safe from diseases. So almost every arena needs pest control services.

Pest Control Colchester

So, contact a pest control company if you feel pests are creating nuisance around you.

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