rénovation salle de bain

Greater Limits for the Bathroom Renovation Now

Adhesive pads are a great ally when it comes to reforming without dirt and with practicality. This finish does not require specialized workmanship and is able to add a new style to the bathroom while still bringing the classic and usual tablet coating. Now you can know more about the rénovation salle de bain now.

rénovation salle de bain

If you’re wondering how much it costs to adopt these bathroom renovation ideas, don’t worry. With an average of $ 100, it is possible to add details and make simple modifications, but that gives a super cool style for decorating and remodeling the bathroom.

Before & After Bathroom Makeover

There are several ideas and projects for the renovation of the old bathroom, and among these super different ideas, one of the proposals is this project, where the bathroom has gained a more modern style. The old tiles were replaced by white walls and a prominent wall of green tablets. The new project also gained a workbench with a built-in cupboard and cabinet design underneath; and a large mirror on the wall. The result of this new project is a more modern and clean environment, valued by indirect lighting, which makes the bathroom cozier.

Old bathroom

Another proposal for the old bathroom renovation is this. Here the whole space was redesigned and the idea was to make a new project, but with retro style. To follow this new idea, the bet was to use the hydraulic tile as floor, plastic curtain for the bath area and vintage tub. And even following the idea of a retro design, the new bathroom was much more cozy and clean because of the ceramics and white walls, which give light to space. More makeovers bathroom with built-in niche In the box area, the embedded niche is padded bathroom decorated with niches The new window ensures a more modern style to the environment.

Bathroom with blue tablet

The new clear floor helps illuminate and enlarge space rustic bathroom Colorful sash decorate the wall bathroom with glass shower. Tablets decorate the corner inside the box.

Small apartment small bathroom

If you live in an apartment, you may already have to deal with a small bathroom, and in such a scenario it is hard to even imagine a bathroom makeover that values the small space without making it too heavy. Given the small footprint, this project focused on maintaining details of the old design and investing in new details such as lighter floor and tile for the box area, as well as the insert details and the recessed wall niche.

Modern toilet

In this decorative project, the idea was to transform the toilet into a more modern environment. Initially, the small space was all white, and in the renovation, the bet was to include more modern elements and in other colors, but taking advantage of some details of the old bathroom. Among the reused items in the renovation, the toilet and floor are parts of the old project. For the new elements, the bet was on a glass countertop with washbasin, mirror along the wall, and brown wallpaper, which brings a more modern style to the decoration and leave the small bathroom with a contemporary style.

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