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Great Details for Perfect Tech Support Now

Nobody likes computer problems. However, getting excited solves absolutely nothing. All it takes to get emotional is to extend the amount of time you have to talk to technical support, which will frustrate you even more. From Ebay Ruckus you will be having the best choice.

Try to keep in mind that the person you are talking to on the phone did not design the hardware or program that is causing problems. He or she has been hired to help solve your problem based on the information provided by the company and by you.

Ebay Ruckus

You only have control of the information you are providing, so your best option is to take another look at some of the above tips and try to communicate as clearly as possible.

Get a Ticket number

It could be called an incident number, reference number, incident number, etc., but each modern technical support group, either across the aisle or around the world, uses some type of ticket management system to track the problems they receive from their customers. The technical support representative must record the details of your call on the ticket so that the next person with whom you speak can resume the call right where you left it on this call, assuming you need to call again.

The only thing worse than calling technical support

A sure way to need technical support a second time is if the problem was not solved on your first call. In other words, read the above tips again before picking up the phone. If you are armed with this information before making the first support call, the possibilities of what the industry calls “first call resolution” go up a lot. This is good for the end result of the company and really good for your sanity.

There are many rules on how to properly respond to customer requests. However, do you think users know the ideal way to contact technical support? Today we give you some simple keys to make your queries resolved as quickly and effectively as possible.

Professional services receive more than 10,000 queries per month, distributed among Premium users which, as far as possible, are answered in 24 hours and not Premium answered in 1-3 days. That is why our effectiveness and speed in each of our responses, depends largely on the way in which the corresponding consultation is carried out. Here are helpful tips:

Fill out Customer Service form

Write using the “Customer Service” option located in your project manager. Using this means you will save time since you will not even need to open your e-mail to contact us.

Use relevant information

In the description of your problem, always try to include useful, descriptive and relevant information. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to know what information is relevant. So we will describe it with an example: If you have a problem entering your user account, it may not be enough to write, I cannot access the project. I need to get in, it’s very urgent, and what do I do? Instead, the ideal would be to say “I have tried to log in to my account several times but an error message appears. My username and password are correct. What I can do? Thank you. And it would be even better if you send us a screenshot of the problem.

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