repeat patterns

Fitting patterns and pattern grading for commercial clothing manufacture

The human bodies are various in sizes so the mass market patterns are standard in their process. The standard pattern can be adjusted easily by an experienced sewist that can be fit for the small proportion of the people. So that the standard pattern can be fitted for any shape of the body. Usually, the sewist would make out with the standard size of the measurement that can be purchased on the pre graded purchase pattern over it. To improve the style or the fit of the garment wearer, the user may choose the tailor or may adjust the pattern. And in the part of selecting the garments not only the size but also the wearer focus on the repeat patterns before the part of the selection. And then the size of the garments is adjusted through using hip curves, French curves, and then the process of cutting and folding on the straight edges. Either directly on the flat pattern, there are some of the alternatives methods are available for the pieces from measurements with the use of pre draped personalized sloper or else with the inexpensive fabrics, using the draping methods on a dress.

Grading of the pattern:

The process of shrinking or else enlarging the finished patterns to fix with the different size of the people is known as the pattern grading. To create with the different sizes the pattern grading has some of the rules that help to determine whether it needs to be increased or decreased. The pattern grading size is influenced by the type of fabric. That is the type of fabric has more importance over the part of the pattern grading. Without considering the marker making the cost of the pattern grading is considered to be incomplete.

repeat patterns

The use of a pattern for the commercial clothing manufacturer:

With an existing block pattern there the making of the industrial begins and that mostly resembles close to the vision of the designer. With the use of the oak tag paper, the patterns are cut and punched then hooked with the special hook by hanging over the pattern as a whole. The garment fit is tested after checking the accuracy and then the pattern is cut with the sample fabric and then only resulted in the garments. The selling of the sample is made when the sample is made with the approval of the designer. In the wholesale market, the design is presented to the buyers. If the sample is approved and the style is demonstrated then the sales potential is improved then the pattern is graded for size with the use of the CAD program usually by the computer. After the process of grading, an investigation must be taken into account, and the accuracy of the size of the product must be checked. After the process of correcting the errors then the pattern is approved for the improved production. All the sizes of every pattern must be taken into production after the pattern piece is arranged into the marker with maintaining the design with the computer. The pattern pieces over the area of fabric with the proper arrangement are known to be the marker.

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