Do you have any idea about paddle surfing?

Paddle surfing has become more and more popular in the past decade and is now one of the most popular water sports in the world. Paddle surfing can be traced back to Hawaii in the 1940s when surf instructors stood on surfboards watching students. Always with peace. The content was created by KOW, the king of water sports. All rights reserved. The best platform or site to buy paddle surfing products is www.honu.com.au . It is one of the best places to explore paddle surfing products and accessories



SUP is today used by many different people as an aid to obtain water. It has become a way to explore the coastline, day trips or multi-day trips, surfing, jet skis, family fun on the beach, and racing in the ocean, lakes, rivers, and canals. By providing all these activities in a sport, the board is lighter, stronger, more durable, and most importantly, easier to use.

Paddle Board Guide about Board Structure 

Solid and Inflatable. The Solid board is the most expensive and performance-oriented end of the SUP world. Their shape depends on the discipline performed, but they are a solid medium that can be carved into the most aerodynamic shape and efficient guide rails.

More popular too

The inflatable board is very popular in recent years. Because they are inflatable, the boards can be easily stowed and transported to the nearest waters without a roof (easy to put in a car or a bag). Shelves or large garage inflatable panels will harden when inflated. When air fills the chamber and the board expands, the top and bottom of the board are compressed by thousands of individual strands (called vertical downward seams) woven from the inside. This complex fabric gives the board strength and rigidity and makes it very light. In recent years, surfboards have become durable, easy to store, and affordable, so more and more people like boating.

Suitable for the budget too

Brands have different inflatable designs to suit different budgets. The more expensive version has double padding-this makes the board harder and stronger (not indestructible), which means more energy from each paddle is converted into forwarding motion instead of bending the board. These layers become heavier than inexpensive single-layer panels. These plates are lighter because they don’t have a lot of material, but they can bend a bit, so it is more important to inflate them to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Because they are single-line, they become more fragile and cannot tolerate being well taken to the beach or boathouse.

 Kinds of support tables.

Depending on what you want to do, there are more suitable boards out there, choosing the right board will make life easier.

SUP Main categories: 

All-round-Touring-Race-Surf. All-round The board is usually thick and wide, providing stability and being suitable for most people. They are usually 32 to 35 inches wide and 4 to 6 inches thick. The head and tail are usually very wide, which also helps stability. Everything about them has been carefully designed so that you can immerse yourself in the water and enjoy swimming. Some models can choose to add a windsurfing platform, so you can enjoy the fun of windsurfing.

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