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So many years ago video games and computer games, we at miniature painting commission Company started our gaming miniature creations at the Toy warrior. Our retail shop was devoted to the creation of literal war games. During our times as the Toy Soldier, we ran regularly listed games, developed in numerous rules sets, ran two conventions at a time, and associated with numerous intriguing and well-informed people who participated in our love of history. As time progressed we fanned out to include Sci-Fi and Fantasy games that reached out to kiddies and teenagers, therefore, promoting the hobbyhorse for new blood. As a retail shop, we ended everything from models and games to cards and game- boards and accessories on which to play. After further than twenty times as the Toy Soldier, and an ever-adding request for a quality models painting service, we erected a studio, moved the business, and concentrated our sweats on painting models, erecting terrain, and developing new rules sets. We now paint and make accessories full time and have several new rules sets in development. We’ve two full-time painters-Peter Rice and Andy Alley. Combined, we’ve over 80 times of experience, knowledge, and fidelity to the art of gaming. We indeed have exemplifications of our work in overseas galleries. Our exploration library is expansive and well-used. In musicale with our experience, this allows us to produce accurate uniforms for your chosen Order of Battle.

miniature painting commission

Our rates and orders:

When placing your first order we request that you include payment of half of the total bill, with the balance due upon damage. This practice may be continued, or waived, with posterior orders at our discretion. We presently accept checks, plutocrat orders, and cashier’s checks made out to Peter Rice or Andy Alley. Although credit cards and PayPal are accessible, we don’t accept them as they increase our outflow and yours. This allows us to keep our prices low and offer free shipping on orders of$100.00 or further. We do reserve the right to break up orders for large figures of models into lower, more manageable groups, though this will be bandied with you previous to our accepting your order. How long will it take? We realize that you’re eager to admit your painted colors and will do our stylish to return them to you as snappily as possible while maintaining our loftiest position of quality. When you place your order with us we will be suitable to give you an estimate for delivery of your colors. Generally, we complete orders within 30 days of entering them, though veritably large orders may take longer. We operate on a first-come, first-served base though if you have an exigency time limit we will try to accommodate you. We’ve indeed been known to transport colors directly to a convention for a customer with a veritably short window of occasion. However, though we do reserve the right to charge you for added costs, if you prefer a different delivery system please let us know. When transferring an order please organize your colors by unit. This helps to ensure that no miscalculations are made in restatement as well as helping you remember what Orders of Battle you need to fulfill your army’s association.

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