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In Writing the essays make use of analogies, questions and choose words that your persona is familiar with anything that makes your article look like a conversation. Avoid too many technical terms, difficult words and formality. In Super essays you will find all the best of the lot.


Grammar errors end up in the life of anyone who produces essay for the internet. Even if you dedicate yourself, there is no way, our language is complex and lives undergoing transformations.

That’s why being 100% right 100% of the time is very difficult. Never let it stop you from writing. However, avoid the most serious mistakes that damage your articles and even your reputation.

We know that details go unnoticed right away and it is exactly these points that can affect the credibility of your brand. Let it reread another time, calmly and, if possible, ask someone else to help you with this task too, ok?

Spread the word

It’s not because SEO can help you that you have to be restricted to just that. As we speak, SEO is a complex and long term job.

We know you can’t wait until your domain and pages gain authority to reach your audience. Start right now. And guess what the easiest way to do it? That’s right, social networks.

The reason is clear: People spend a lot of time in these networks. By the way, even after improving your position in the Google ranking, social media will continue to be part of your strategy.

Post and post all the essay you create for your essay on social networks that you think is relevant to your business. Groups are a great way to not just restrict your brand page to the box. Just be careful to make the right choice, which is to go where your persona is. And chances are you want to advertise on these networks, not just AdWords.

Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads are good examples where advertising makes a big difference in brand success. In fact, by doing it right, the return pays off the investment. Start planning now and invest slowly until you find the best strategy for your business.

Capriche in title

Do you know that classic phrase ‘don’t judge the book by its cover’? Unfortunately people judge and will continue to do so. And that is where the importance of the title of your article comes from.


If in the newsrooms of the school where the teacher needed to read all its essay that already made a difference, can you imagine on the internet? After all, there’s no point in your essay reaching people if they don’t click to read, right?

Super essays

For this reason we need not say why the title is always one of the most important elements of any essay, right? If this does not draw attention, people will hardly click on your article to read it and all your work to write something of quality will have been in vain.

That is, think hard when choosing a title. For SEO reasons, it will be important to use the keyword in the title, that is, both things will have to be thought of together always.

Since the title is the first impression and the first impression remains: Think hard about what your choice will be. Leave it to the end, after developing the idea is much easier to create something that arouses the curiosity and interest of the reader.

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