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Be Creative with Different Types of Indoor Games

Playing indoor does not necessarily mean sitting at a table tinkering with paper and cards, but you can involve your children in making more lively games, for example to the rhythm of music. For them, it will surely be fun, and giving the possibility to express themselves in this way, with free or targeted movements, will be important and valuable also for their physical and motor development: the movement and in particular the gymnastic and sports activity. In fact, they are fundamental tools for the growth of children and to counteract the increasing tendency to sedentariness of their lifestyle. Now you can click here to know about the best indoor playground options.

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Exciting Activities

To do these activities of movement and body expression indoors, if you do not want to direct you to external structures and premises, you need to have a little space inside your home: you can then try to clear your living room of furniture and ornaments and set up a small ballroom or playroom, hanging colored lights from the ceiling and arranging the boxes to ensure good music quality.

In addition to the modern songs that we always hear on the radio and which can be sung alone or in a karaoke- style group, it can be fun to let the children listen to songs that are appropriate for their age, such as cartoons or nursery rhymes, which they can then also reuse at school during recreation to have fun together and make the count.

Brainstorming session with quiz

You can then propose quizzes like those on television, dividing them into teams that will have to challenge each other to recognize a song by hearing only the initial notes and guessing the exact title: for them it will be a nice listening and memory game that will test their senses and their attention span.

Musical Chairs

One of the most famous games to do indoors with music is the game of chairs: chairs are placed in the center of the room, which must be less than the number of children when the music starts the children have to go around the chairs and, when it stops, they have to run and sit down. The child who remains standing comes out of the game, another chair is eliminated and the music starts again, until in the end there will be only one child sitting on the only chair left.

Textbook party

Having a good supply of games to play indoors can be a good idea even if you decide to celebrate your child’s birthday in a club or in a special facility that rents rooms for the holidays, maybe large sheds enriched by the presence of swimming pools full of colored balls and inflatable slides of different shapes, often combining them with the possibility of having a buffet, a catering service and even operators specialized in children’s entertainment.

If you want to give your child a special party, but you do not have the place and time to organize it, you can delegate the preparation and development to professionals, who can guarantee the safety and enjoyment of your children and all the participants, proposing them entertainment shows, for example of magic, dance, or involving clowns and jugglers who can entertain your children by manipulating animal-shaped balloons or creating giant soap bubbles.

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