designer rugs in 100% wool


A rug is said to anchor a room. Thus, while choosing one, there are certain aspects that one must consider. A rug should not be mistaken with a carpet as both of them are quite different from each other. A carpet is tacked on the floor to cover it entirely whereas a rug is usually used for decor purpose or to enhance the look of a particular space. Many people have wall to wall carpeting done and place rugs on them according to their interiors and furnishing.


In most places where the climate is a bit nippy or cold, designer rugs in 100% wool are preferred as they keep the feet warm if placed at the right places in the room or any other space for that matter.

There are many companies, both online and offline, which specialize in designer rugs made of 100% wool., and Loop House are a few examples of companies which make their rugs and sell in the market which are woven from designer rugs in 100% wool.


A rug is either made on a loom or maybe hand woven. A pure woollen rug is made by looping the woollen strands into a sturdy material or fabric. The wool is extracted from healthy sheep that are under the care of an experienced shepherd who knows his wool and sheep well.

designer rugs in 100% wool

You might be wondering what is so special about woollen rugs especially pure woollen rugs. Well, wool is a natural product, and since it has many extraordinary properties. It is springy and resilient. It is also fire resilient, which means it, does not catch fire easily. It gives a warm comfortable feel. Also, wool does not burn; it smoulders. There are many other things which make wool a fantastic product. It easily binds itself well into a yarn which can be spun into whatever final product one wants. Wool takes dyes well so the woollen rug can be made into beautiful colours. Also, a woollen rug is a super insulator thus resistant to static electricity. If kept under your feet, you will feel warm, cosy and comfortable. People love to touch wool as it is soft and gentle. A woollen rug will prove to be durable and flexible. It is said to be electricity resistant. One of the most loved fabric materials, wool has been loved and used for over centuries. It has been felt and woven into a thousand designer rugs which have enhanced many homes.

A designer rug made of 100% wool is expensive as there goes a lot of hard work, time and patience to make one woollen rug. A few of them are custom made to match the interior of the area or room.


A designer rug made with 100% pure wool is a style statement and an enhancement in any interior décor. It gives a very decent but sophisticated touch to a house which is made on a good and expensive budget. There were times when furniture, wall hangings and paintings spoke a thousand words. But today carpets and rugs have become an integral part of any home décor. It is a mandatory item in any shopping list. One must have a good amount of knowledge if one is purchasing a woollen rug as there are many imitations in the market which look very familiar to an original piece. So make sure you do a proper research before you enter the market.

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