What is synthetic urine and its main components?

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Synthetic urine is a substance created to impersonate the appearance, chemical properties and composition of human urine and is used by drug users to pass a drug test without getting caught for drug use. It is gaining popularity because drugs such as marijuana can be detected in the body even 8 days after using it and it can vary depending on a few factors. Fake urine is available in many forms but the most common ones are dried powders and pre mixed solutions. These expire with time and unused kits should be replaced time to time. Read more about fake urine below.

Synthetic urine is a liquid that has been mixed in scientific proportions to form urine-like samples. The main components and characteristics of synthetic urine include color, ph, uric acid, creatinine and temperature. Color is a main physical characteristic of detecting fake urine and it should ideally be yellow and not colorless. Chemists usually give synthetic urine a warm yellowish color to make it look exactly like real urine. Temperature is also an important factor for mimicking real urine and not paying attention to the temperature of synthetic urine is the most common mistake.  Synthetic urine must have a temperature of approximately 36-37 degree Celsius and some products come with a heating pad to keep it ideally warm until it is to be submitted for the test. Uric acid and urea are present in normal urine and labs will test for their presence when carrying out a test, so it is important for synthetic urine to have uric acid as well as urea in it so that it can be passed off as real urine and the test can come out clean. Synthetic urine also contains minimal creatinine solution to make it seem like it has come out of the body as it is a waste product of the body naturally excreted out in urine. Minimal levels of creatinine are not a factor for getting a positive result on a drug test. Ph of synthetic urine is also altered to match that of real urine which usually varies from 4.5-7.5 and it is if the urine is not within this range it can be considered invalid. It is achieved by using certain components and diluting the synthetic urine solution.

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