Kansas Proposal will be bringing Ban on all vaping flavors

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Kansas is a U.S. state in the midwest and the largest city is Wichita. It is the most populated and largest employment country. With the growing concern of vaping-health issues, Kansas has emerged as one of the top countries to change the rules regarding nicotine products. This topic will help you understand this in detail.

All over the world, the vapers are discussing the vape ban in different countries. The FDA has outlawed the use of different vaping products because of the vape news revolving around the ban on vaping products.

Kansas Putting efforts to combat Vaping-Related Illness

Growing concern regarding vaping-related illness, Kansas has received a boost from the health officials of the state. The health officials are against the e-cigarettes because of the harmful effect it leaves.

But, the ban on fruity and sweet vaping flavors in Kansas have distressed the anti-tobacco and pro-vaping groups. The state is taking this action because of the severe lung injuries occurring due to vaping. They are putting efforts into putting legal age on buying the product and which nicotine products are legal.

Which flavors will be banned?

Well, hundreds of flavors would not be available, menthol would be there. But, the flavor restrictions are not for traditional cigarettes.

What effect will the vaping ban will leave?

Vape owners all over the world have one thought that putting a ban on the e-juice flavors will push people to smoke.

One of the shop owners said that “I started the business after losing family members to lung cancer. The use of vaping products has helped me to quit smoking after 12 long years. No doubt, I made the best choice as my kids needed me the most. ”

Others are worried that people will get jobless and businesses running on a small scale will get close. One of the shop owners said, “Out of 400 e-juice flavors, 399 favorite flavors will be gone.”

On the other hand, American lung Association, American Cancer Society, and American Heart Association say the ban on all the e-juice flavors will prevent the new generation from getting addicted.

Smoking is less popular

In Kansas, teens are not into smoking. In 2017, the teens who smoked were around 25% and it is decreasing gradually. The chairman Rep. John Barker, said in frustration, “If you even get 95% of what you are looking for then push for the menthol ban also. If we succeed in what we are looking for, it is a win situation for us.”

Some of the other groups who wanted to ban the vaping flavors included the city chamber of Commerce. He said, “The nicotine and tobacco addiction lower the productivity level and also increase the health care costs.”

The Mark Desetti of the Kansas National Education also added, “We need to give all the help in the schools we can.”

In Kansas and other countries, the school districts are imposing a ban on the JUUL. This is because the manufacturers are making products that are popular among minors. Additionally, their marketing specifically targets kids and youngsters.

With the ban on the vaping products, most vaping flavors will come down but these are for the cartridge-system which became popular with the teens.

The Kansas bill will also list the federal government with a minimum age of 21 to buy the tobacco-products. This is done because many people smoking or vaping are found as underage which is breaking the law.

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